FARs (& EASA European Aviation Safety Agency)

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Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs)


U.S. Transport aircraft are certified to Part 25 of the Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs).

European Transport aircraft are to be certified (after 28 Sept 2003) to EASA Standards, which, although based on the original JARs, will, hopefully, be harmonized with the FARs.


The sections expressly pertaining to cabin pressurization are:
25.365, 25.841, 25.843, 25.1301, 25.1309, and 25.1348.


(NOTE: to access these specific FARs, go to the FAA link above and then down the left side of the page, select the exact FAR you wish to view.)


Additional, indirect Part 25 FARs that pertain to pressurization are 25.581, 25.869, and 25.1431.


All transport aircraft pressurization systems so far have been certified to FAR Part 25 Amendment 25-41. The FARs are now at Amendment 25-107, and Amendment 25-87 made major changes to the pressurization requirements, especially to section 25.841.  (See my special write-up regarding Amendment 25-87).




 European Aviation Safety Agency Regulations (EASARs)